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Art Series

Patterns of Dress

Dress patterns are the primary medium in this collage series. Together with paint , maps and sometimes wallpaper, they become reincarnated into a whole new fashion.

Curious life of objects

Collected objects are the primary focus in this series of constructions. They are a 3-D environment created as a custom space just for the “little lives” they contain.


Watercolors are the medium for this series of imagined topographical landscapes. They reflect the great beauty and variety of places found in nature.

Tin Collage

Cookie Tins and others for popcorn, biscuits and candies are the appetizing medium for this collage series. it’s a process of “painting” with tin and nailed onto door panels.

Shadow Boxes

3-D objects and collage under glass and built into a box are mediums that come together in this series. These shadow boxes, aptly named reflect some of the “darker” side of life.

Love Toys

Toy-like objects on wheels are the products of this series. They express the ups and downs of love in relationships. They range from the warm and fuzzy to the cold and prickly.

Unique Containers

The Vesselies

Containers for anything that are fun, lively, and unlike anything you have.  Need a place to hold your paper clips? or jelly beans? You might want to provide a home to one of these original and unique Vesselies.

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Daily Meditation Drawings
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What do you consider art?

Jennifer Nelson gave a talk in La Jolla, California, called “Considering Art”.  It brings you on a journey – what do you consider ‘art’?

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“A” is for Attitude

“A” is for Attitude

Frozen Waffles with Butter-flavored “maple” syrup and coffee with non-dairy creamer. Some days are just slightly off. Those should be freshly-made waffles with real maple syrup and coffee with whole whipping cream, right? Okay,...

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I Love Toys

I Love Toys

I love toys. Or maybe i love old toys better. Think Gepetto’s workshop kind of toys made from wood or tin. I grew up with some of the more vintage toys, but of course plastic became the favored material that can make anything...

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Artist First

Artist First

i am a freelance graphic designer and an artist. But wait, not in that order. What came first was the artist part, then the part that would allow an artist like me to earn a living. Starting over, I am an artist and I’ve made a...

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