Curious Life of Objects

A series that imagines the world of things and the life they may have had before they became part of my world.


I love exploring the world of objects–how they look and the life they may have had. I look closely at the “beauty” of these objects and the perfection of their imperfection. I explore the details of their surface, texture, color, as well as their ‘scars’. If an object has been broken, worn down or scuffed, what i see is love.

An object may have been made, painted, shipped and put on a shelf for sale. It may have been purchased by someone for themselves or a loved one. It may have been  looked upon, considered or even ignored or forgotten. It may have been repaired or given away when it no longer intrigued. That object informs or inspires the custom place that I create for it.

“Is this object in my hands today because it was valued? In the movie, “The Red Violin” is the story of a violin from the day it has been crafted by it’s maker and goes on to tell the tale of all the hands that will play it, buy it, own it, sell it and even damage it.. I am curious about that life of the objects that I have found and their real or perceived value.”


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