Love Toys

A series that deals all the complexity that love has to offer and distills it down into a toy that is anything but “child’s play.”

Love Toys

These toys are “little stories about love” …on wheels. Like my shadow boxes, they deal with
some of the richness of my experiences with love, but can really be quite universal to the
feelings that many of us have. These toy-like structures however, deliver all of that in a way that seems much less menacing.

“Call Me” for example deals with that deep yearning desire to have that new special
someone call you. I’m depicting time spent hanging by the phone waiting for it to ring. It
shows things that were said, words that left an impression and that created a window for
possibility with this person.

“Naked in the Grass” is that more giddy side of love that might have you wanting to let go
and just fall in love. It considers the lightness, freedom and joy of sharing a connection
with another. And that is quite the opposite of “Rat Trap” which would warn you to stay
awake and be aware that something darker might lie in wait.


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