Frozen Waffles with Butter-flavored “maple” syrup and coffee with non-dairy creamer. Some days are just slightly off. Those should be freshly-made waffles with real maple syrup and coffee with whole whipping cream, right? Okay, this really is a “first world problem’, but I do find it worth noting because it’s about nuance in life that can make a day good or have a day be great! 

If I bring my snooty attitude to not having whole whipping cream, then my non-dairy experience may be to not enjoy my coffee quite as much. if I bemoan the fact that my waffles were pulled out of the freezer, ready in 5 minutes and slathered in corn syrup…then well…I , um…feel completely justified that this day is off to a non-stellar start! Wait, sorry, that was my bad attitude creeping in again. It’s not about the waffles or the coffee…this IS about how I bring myself to every day.

I might be talking about that glass half empty or glass half full philosophy. It might be the distinction between having a good attitude or a bad one. Or I could be talking about something more subtle, something about life being varied and ever-changing that keeps life interesting. I make no grand conclusions about how to be, since I can’t commit to having a great attitude every day, but I do try on-goingly to not get too fixed to an idea and to not get too pouty when there’s no REAL maple syrup in the syrup….some days are hard….and some days are awesome.

Is that what they mean by saying, “Bring your A-Game?” A is for attitude and you can bet i always bring it!