I love toys. Or maybe i love old toys better. Think Gepetto’s workshop kind of toys made from wood or tin. I grew up with some of the more vintage toys, but of course plastic became the favored material that can make anything known to man and does. Wow, this has taken a horrible turn as i get quite demoralized seeing videos of all the plastics in our oceans. Since that can’t be solved in only ten tiny minutes, i digress again to toys, and who doesn’t LOVE them?

We adored them as children and we enjoy them as adults too. There is a broad definition of what one may consider a toy, but by my definition it would have to inspire PLAY…Oh and pique curiosity, encourage discovery and inspire creativity among many other things. Naturally, my favored “toys” were all things art, but i’m really thinking about toys here. 

Building blocks are a gift given to many children and for me, they were one of my favorites. Making towers, dwellings and bridges was fun, but the mecca, you could even say the hallelujah was pairing them with my brother’s “Hot Wheels” tracks to create elaborate courses for a marble to travel along as it picked up speed. That my friends, could keep this kid busy for days! One had to start with enough height to give it some momentum and fortify corners so that “cat’s-eye” could make it around the corners and not careen off course into oblivion. So many things to work out that were infinitely engaging and i was so committed to that little glass orb making it to the finishing line.

Curious to know what toy captured your imagination and why?