A series that explores the world of fashion by using one of its most integral tools–the sewing pattern.


I live in the home of my grandmother (and built by my great grandfather). Among the items left in the house were a variety of dress patterns. My grandmother, Hollice was a prolific seamstress and very much into fashion.

My eye recognized these patterns as a medium that i could use in my art and i knew they had great potential to become timeless like the fashions they represent by taking on a new life within my art. I love the quality of the patterns themselves with the transparent tissue and all the text that instructs the construction of the garments.

While I don’t believe that “clothes make the man or woman”, I am certain that we make real statements about ourselves in what we wear. With this series, I hope to both capture a time gone by and also show how some designs can be re-invented, re-imagined and recreated to become “current” again in a new artform.


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