The Vesselies are a family of vessels who can hardly be contained!

But, they are a loving clan who can hold love or whatever.



It’s All Good

This guy’s intials are A.G. which stand for Al Good and he’s always sayin’ “it’s all good.” He’s easy goin’ and he drinks a little. He fills this snifter with chocolate candy…that is when it is not filled with Brandy.

Tallest Man on Earth

This man is tall in stature, but also long in character. He is kind, strong, smart, ambitious, loving as well as generous with whatever wealth he finds himself in possession of…very definitely a man to marry…or purchase.

Doctor Love

Dr. Love can cure what ails you. When you’re feeling stressed or just need to be treat-ed, fill this jar with “a little love” and enjoy …….Ahhhhhh, that’s better!

Don’t Feed the Deer

Whatever you do, don’t feed the deer. This guy can feed himself AND you! Fill this jar with nuts and dried berries from the forest or whatever you both like.

Golden Child

This Child lives in prosperity and so will you. How can you not, when there is shredded money right there in the jar? Anyway, this little guy is “money” and will attract whatever you want to you.

Lady Liberty

This lady bears a torch and stands for what we all want. Freedom!…to store whatever you want in this little jar, whether red, white and blue jelly beans is your thing…or something else. That’s just how she rolls…  


This guy’s mother Eleonor had a favorite child even though she would never admit to it in public and that was this guy, who now is a little prankster…though he’ll never admit to anything…..chip off the ole block.

Sail the World

In your trip around this world and the Seven Seas, fill this vessel with provisions for the trip, including maybe lime jelly beans….or risk getting Scurvy or at least being called a Limey.

She’s a Lady

In a world of ladies, she is one of the finest. Not surprisingly she loves all things pink. And mind your manners around her because because she simply adores a proper and civil discourse.

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