A series that re-purposes the imagery and messages of tins to create a whole new story using these abstracted images.


When I wandered around in thrift stores and garage sales, i came across many tins before I would ever consider them a medium that I wanted to work with. But finally it sunk in that it would be interesting to cut them up ( I call it “harvesting”) and put them back together to create whole new narratives.

The next step seemed obvious and that was to nail these new “compositions” onto a piece of wood. Enter the door panel–i had one laying around and it was a natural and bevelled “canvas” that could beautifully present this new juxtaposition of images. Soon, i was also “harvesting” six-panel wooden doors to serve as the foundation of these pieces.

“Painting” with a non-liquid and even hard medium such as tin is a challenge that i’ve really enjoyed. The imagery is “fixed” as are the colors that are printed onto them. But in playing with them and placing them together in di erent ways, i would soon be able to blend colors if i wanted to for a more “soft” and painterly transition or tell a story that wasn’t in any way being told with each tin separately.


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