A series that explores the “natural world” with these colorful and organic water-colored expressions of nature.


I began this series as I sat in my cabin looking out through the hemlock trees to the waters of Ghost Lake. I marvelled at the beauty of the nature i was seeing. I have had that view for many years now and it never gets old because of it’s ever-changing and many faces.

Also, always inspiring for me is water and the movement of water. The colors that bodies of water take on from the skies above whether blue or gray or full with the warm colors of sunset. Water picks up things along the way, and swirls form, and foam lathers as it wends it’s way around rocks and over falls.

There are also the effects of water on our lands from a great many years ago to now. The beauty and the contours of our topography is endlessly interesting. Imagining how ancient contours were formed and then shaped and softened over time is some of what i muse about as i paint water-filled colors onto paper.


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