Shadow Boxes

A series that takes a look at some of the “shadow stories” of my life. They are contained in a way, like a “time capsule” or a cabinet for a specimen collection.

Shadow Boxes

Most of my work is a “story i love to tell.” These shadow boxes represent the stories of my life that aren’t quite as fun to tell. They tell of experiences that were confusing, upsetting, maddening and we’ll just say, it was “a rich, emotional landscape.” I know now, but didn’t know then why i thought that they needed to be both “in a box” and also “under glass.” Containment is definitely what was subconsciously intended.

I look at them today as a “point in time” and glad that time has passed since all this happened. There are many ways to deal with all the “stu ” that comes up in life and this is just one of the ways that this artist expresses it, deals with it and “puts it away.”


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