My series called “Curious Life of Objects” considers this concept of acquiring things, owning things, valuing things, repairing things and saving things.

Of all the things that come and go in our lives, which of those make the cut, which of those things bring us joy over and over again and which of those flash in and out as quickly?

What of those things will we go to great lengths to keep in a place so precious, so that it can never be broken? And what of those things did we want desperately to have and then be so disappointed that it did not live up to the expectations? 

This also leads me to chew on the idea of gain and loss. What are we trying to gain in this life? What would we prefer to lose in this life?

Probably most human beings would say, “bring on the joy and a little less of the pain please?” I am one such human. I’ve had my share of pain and am curious about how that pain has served me over the years. One could say i kind of “got served” a shit sandwich and believe me when i say that a steady diet of that does very little for the soul. How much pain have i been served and how much has been self-inflicted? I know that long after the perpetrators have gone and long after they go, if it is in me to keep feasting on such a diet, i will have only myself to blame.

….and i am here only to continue questioning, noodling, ruminating….the divine inquiry……