So, today i’m going to write about…i have no idea. This means that i will be as surprised as you are about what mindless blather comes out.

That being said, some of my favorite thoughts are “mindless meanderings,” it may be the brain doing some of it’s best work. It feels like drifting at sea on a calm day—inclement weather would produce a wholly different effect. 

It happens in the morning when waking up and often on a nice long road trip. Letting my mind wander is one of my favorite activities, and it happens often on our way to the cabin, perhaps because the landscape and the path up there is known already, therefore there is no need to look at everything along the way. At the same time, having all that “familiar” passing by me can be a comforting feeling and the conscious knowing that the prize at the end will be the cabin, the view of the lake, the putting our groceries away and getting the furnace turned up….depending on weather, it may be a weekend of book-reading and movies.

If the weather is blue skies and sunny, it will be pontoon boat riding and walking in the water with Tali as she searches for that perfect stick or even log to extract from the lake. It will also be the stick that she wants to drag onto the boat to ravage it of all it’s bark, and tear it from limb-to-limb with her teeth.