Aren’t we all imposters really?

Cross-pollenating, observing others, sharing ideas?

I am an imposter. I have tried to make art that looks like a masterful work. i have made work that was bound to please. I’ve done pieces that emulate the work of another.

But isn’t this called an homage? Didn’t i do it out of admiration for another artist and even given him credit for it?

I have been too careful. i have wanted to prove that i am a craftsman, technically skilled, but more.

I am skilled and i have moments of inspiration, but as someone said, i don’t know who…..that inspiration is 99% perspiration.

i am willing to see what could come out of this kind of effort.

I’d like to take off the handcuffs of “perfection” and be free to produce what pleases me. This may or may not please others, but don’t they say, “put on your own oxygen mask first?”, that this could save another? I think that sounds way more fun, amazing and life-affirming, don’t you?

I heard the most touching thing of late, when a friend expressed to me that he was inspired to write something that would make me laugh….my heart swelled to ten times it’s natural size, for is there any more worthy expression than to bring pure joy to another? And bring joy it does, his often acidic humor mixed with the most congenial chiding, all on a foundation of caring that makes this form of “poking at” simply a pleasure to be the target of. This guy need not write like anyone else, not like anyone already published, not like any bestseller or NYT list…..this my friend is a natural who needs to be heard…

and my ten minutes have been exhausted, yet energizing…